Our mission is to reward, delight and inspire our investors, consumers and local communities through the properties we acquire and transform.

CGI+ is a boutique real estate investment and strategy firm providing personalized high-quality service and performing assets. We seek to positively shape the future as it relates to the spaces we all live in while rewarding both our investing partners and the local community. We provide sound advice while negotiating the sales and acquisitions of properties in a personable and skillful manner. We arrange financing and equity capital at the lowest possible cost commensurate with the risk profile of the transaction.

We are dedicated to creating real connections and lasting experiences for our CGI+ community, providing both financial and emotional profits.

For our investors, we will cultivate a culture of innovative thinking, high returns, trust and a sense of belonging with successful and like-minded individuals.

For our consumers, we will create a feel-good experience, focused on functionality and lifestyle; adapting and building for what people want and need now and in the future.

For the community, we will be a meaningful and involved partner that positively improves the neighborhoods we serve.