Investment Strategies

rendering of high-rise building

Our highly skilled team of loyal deal-makers employs an artful approach to investing that consistently delivers exceptional short- and long-term performance through a portfolio of attractive assets, in the most high-demand markets.

We invest in strategically located, ground-up developments and income-producing real estate throughout California, New York, and key cities in the Southeastern and Southwestern U.S., particularly in the underserved secondary or tertiary markets.

Types of assets we specialize in include:

  • Apartment Buildings: Stabilized and Non-Stabilized
  • Land Development: Apartment, Condo, Ground-Up, Building Conversion
  • Mixed Use: Apartment / Retail
  • Hotels / Extended Stay

Our success is based on creating disposition strategies tailored to meet the exacting demands of our clients. Each property is carefully underwritten to accentuate the attributes of the investment opportunity with carefully compiled research to create the strongest case possible for the investment. We deliver on our strategies through:

Strategic Acquisitions

By conducting thorough due diligence and comprehensive underwriting, we meticulously weigh the risks and rewards when considering an acquisition. Each project must realize the risk-adjusted return-on-investment that we, and our investors, demand.

Value-Added Construction and Development

By creating custom-designed and sustainable projects, we reward our local communities and investing partners at the same time.

Personalized Asset Management

By understanding people, pricing and product, we consistently achieve outstanding risk-adjusted returns while remaining completely transparent and accountable to our sophisticated investor base. Our commercial real estate expertise combined with our process for the selection, value creation and eventual disposition of assets in our portfolio has earned us the trust of our financial partners and a reputation for integrity among our peers.

Doing business with CGI+ is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. CGI+ was founded on the idea that relationships make the deal and we’ve spent years honing our communication skills, our integrity, and our diligence. When we spot an opportunity, we like to move in swiftly, learn everything we can about it, then negotiate sincerely, and stay true to our word from handshake to signing. We pride ourselves on building a portfolio of uncompromising quality, which means that when you bring the right property you can be certain of a positive outcome.

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