Investment Overview

In August 2014, CGI acquired a 50-unit historical apartment building located in the Franklin Village area of Hollywood, CA. The property, originally built in 1926, has been redeveloped into luxury apartments, and CGI worked closely with various historical preservation consultants to restore the building to its former glory. The property has undergone a full interior and exterior renovation in keeping with historic preservation guidelines. Overall, CGI’s design team worked to create a unique resident experience deeply rooted in the story of Hollywood.

Villa Carlotta officially opened in summer 2018, at which point the property began to operate as a fully furnished apartment building with lease periods ranging from one month to over a year.

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Transaction Details

Property Address: 5959 Franklin Ave, Hollywood, CA
Acquisition Date: 2014
Investment Type: Equity and Debt
Asset Type: Historical Apartment Building Renovation
Size: 50 Units