1466 Kings Road



High-End Single-Family Development

Transaction Summary

1466 N. Kings Rd. is a 2,285 square foot single-family home located in the epicenter of the Sunset Strip. Built in 1923, Cohen & Associates purchased this two-bedroom two-and-a-half bathroom pied-a-terre in 2012 for $925,000.

Investment Strategy

Within three months of purchase, our team transformed the home’s interior and exterior with the finest technology and furnishings, substantially increasing the home’s value and appeal.

Enlisting our years of industry experience and the expertise of Los Angeles’ finest designers and architects, we approached this development project as an opportunity to make slight alterations with exponential returns.

Transaction Details

Property Address 1466 Kings Road, Los Angeles, CA

Purchase Price $925,000.00

Acquisition Date 2012

Investment Type Equity & Debt


Posted on

February 22, 2013