Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2018

Posted on February 26, 2018

Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2018

As agreed upon by the most successful interior designers worldwide


Trends are a fun and helpful way to measure evolution. You can look back on what you loved and get excited about what’s to come. Below check out the future of interior design trends in 2018 and see what’s left behind.

Out: Light switches that flip and wall-mounted primary thermostats

In: Smart Tech

smart tech

Smart technology enhances the way people live by offering them a one-touch system where they can control things like temperature, lighting, music and security. This also helps control energy consumption and provides for a more enjoyable home living atmosphere.

Out: Reclaimed Wood

In: Curved and Artistic Furniture

curved furn


From music to furniture 2018 is all about embracing the curves. The trend can be found in architectural design where grand archways are making a comeback and all the way down to sofas and tables with rounded edges and accents. The look is easy on the eyes and a little glamorous, so it’s no surprise that most designers are totally on board.

Out: White-on-White-on-White

In: Bold and Darker Colors


As much as we love white-on-white, and c’mon, white will always be in style, it’s refreshing to see some color come back into play. We’re seeing things like the pop-up black wall and bold colored area rugs and have to say it brings a fresh feeling to tired spaces. It’s exciting when bold designs become the norm because it showcases the designer and the developer’s personality and creativity.

Out: Faux Industrial

In: Authentic Natural Surroundings


While the industrial look will always be cool in some capacity, the trend of building out faux designs or covering a bare wall with stone tiles is moving on. Moving on to authenticity. Developers are opting for bigger windows and the use of mirrors to reflect natural light. Designers agree that return to anything authentic will always be welcome.

Out: Trendy Design

In: Personality


A little funny to find this tip in this article, but yes, “following the trend” is phasing out. Power is being given to personality. When considering how to design your space, think about YOU. What do you love? What tells your story? Consider making design choices that are authentic to you, rather than blindly following the tastes of others.


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