Tokyo: Architecture & Design Tour

Posted on April 30, 2018

Tokyo’s ever-evolving skyline is a diverse puzzle of modern architecture, skyscraping glass pinnacles and traditional oriental-inspired buildings. Here are some of the most interesting residences in Tokyo.

Park Court Akasaka


Park Court Akasaka Hinokicho is a new luxury apartment complex coming to central Tokyo, located right beside Tokyo Midtown, it will also house The Ritz Carlton Tokyo.




Nakagin Capsule Tower


A Tokyo classic, this eccentric mixed-use residential/office building was completed in 1972 and was originally designed for single person. Its 140 capsule units are very small – just over 100-square feet each. Each unit contains a built-in shower, bed, TV and phone.



Toranomon Hills Skyscraper


Toranomon Hills is a skyscraper complex project built by Mori Building in the Toranomon district. It is the tallest building in Tokyo with an architectural height of 255.5 m (838 ft).





Wooden Skyscraper of 2041

Tokyo-based Sumitomo Forestry Co. has unveiled plans to develop and build a 1,148-foot wooden high-rise to commemorate the firm’s 350th anniversary in 2041. The plan calls for a hybrid wood-and-steel structure that will be supported by a braced tube apparatus made of steel frame vibration-control braces. The interior structure will be entirely wooden.  The building will cover about 1.5 million square feet of retail, residential, office and hotel space across 70 stories.


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