The Story and Opportunity of La Brea

Posted on August 20, 2019

La Brea 2

When A.W. Ross launched the idea of the Miracle Mile in the 1920s, it was primarily intended to be a residential space. After obtaining all of the commercial permits, he helped shape the area into what exists today.

A century later, several current real estate projects continue to expand on this goal. There are numerous sites in all stages of development in the La Brea area, from planning to construction.

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is projected to open their new location in early 2020.

The La Brea Tar Pits, a staple to the area, has announced a new master plan that could reshape the park. This could help to breathe new life into the area.

One of the biggest projects, set for completion in 2023, is Metro’s Purple Line. It will stop in the area and bring countless new faces to experience the area daily. This has prompted the conversation for more pedestrian-friendly buildings and amenities, such as park benches, shade-producing landscape, shops, restaurants and outdoor venues.

Other developments have responded to the need for outdoor activity. The newly designed LACMA building, slated to open soon, will offer plenty of outdoor opportunities and the SBE Tower is removing their fountain to make place for a large plaza. The Craft Contemporary Building is studying options to revamp its courtyard.

The hope is that new development and outdoor amenities paired with old favorites like the Petersen Automotive Museum will provide the community the new life it’s looking for.

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