The Opportunity of Community Living

Posted on October 25, 2019

What starts as a way to save on rent can turn into the next million-dollar start-up, acting as a major contributor to economy-wide net job creation. The rationale is something like, “we are working together around the clock anyway; we might as well save on rent.” Many founders find that what starts as a practical decision comes with some decent business perks, too, like high-end communal working spaces, around-the-clock free coffee, access to a gym and other community features. In the case of CGI developments, all of these amenities and more are a stone’s throw from each other and residents have free access to all of it.

Consider these case studies:



These Berlin-based companies decided to share office space and pool their resources to cope with the rising cost of rent in the area. The initial goal was simple—cut down on cost. The end result was a thriving, merged company, now known solely as 908video. From late-night design sessions, these creatives have formed a multimillion dollar video design firm that drives revenue back into Germany’s economy.

The ambiance of the workspace and collaboration-oriented environment are what ultimately fueled the merge into a company that is flourishing in Berlin’s film industry. Large couches, a fully stocked kitchen, long wooden tables, a PlayStation (encouraged) and a garden, to boot. All of these things triggered a sense of camaraderie and resourcefulness that spelled success.

Berlin 1

Silicon Valley Incubators

A US-based case study worth mentioning is the incubator-environment. Incubators, found in plethora in Silicon Valley, offer creatives a shared work-live space that encourages growth. By offering collaboration, networking, mentorships and by meeting the needs of everyday comforts, these kids have the chance to get ahead in a saturated market.

Vertical communities, like the ones we develop, offer similar luxuries, which creates a perfect environment for the next great collaboration.

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