The Journal Q2 2022

Posted on July 26, 2022

CGI+ The Journal Q2 22 Cover ImageSummer is here and seen as a time of happiness and joy. The warm weather brings out a sense of positivity and optimism! It is a quite common theme in books that happy times coincide with summertime. For example, many authors introduce a positive character by explaining the wonderful warmth and sunshine outside. Similarly, we will often say someone is ‘radiating happiness,’ using the sense of a summer sun that radiates warmth.

The beginning of the second half of 2022 is upon us and there are early indications that good things are ahead. The current economic climate has many investors running to the sidelines. However, as history has shown, crises are only opportunities for those who understand that if you do nothing, nothing will happen. There is always risk in real estate investing. Nothing is guaranteed. The art of the deal is making sure the risk calculation is accurate. And at CGI+ we have proven our ability time, and time again to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns through several economic cycles dating back to before the great financial crisis.

In this issue of The Journal, you will read about why multifamily investment is a good hedge against the rising inflation we are experiencing today and about the members of our team who understand how to make risk pay off. This includes Executive Vice President Andre Soroudi who oversees our investment and development teams. We also provide an update on the reposition and development of our current assets.


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