3 Real Estate Trends in 2020

Posted on January 7, 2020
Real Estate Trends in 2020 | Current Real Estate Trends | CGI Strategies

At CGI, we like to stay up on current real estate trends. We’re thrilled to report that the emerging 2020 trends are in line with our focus, putting us on the path to another great year.

1. Investing in the right location matters

Location matters when it comes to real estate developments.  The top markets haven’t changed in 2020, with the front runners being our primary areas of focus – the Southeast, West Coast, and East Coast.  These are areas of proven dominance, and areas that we will continue to pursue for a profitable return. Stay tuned to learn why we like the communities where we develop.

2. Housing inequality

The affordable housing crisis has reached a tipping point.  While we know that changes need to happen at a higher level to ultimately hedge the issue, we’re doing what we can now to help.  In every community that we develop, we set aside low-income and affordable units and have a team ready to help get residents into these units. Read what our CEO, Gidi Cohen has to say about it here.

3. Community-oriented developments

Community-oriented properties are the way of the future, due to the need for capacity in areas that are lacking developable space.  We’ve known this for a long time here at CGI, and we will continue to develop sustainable, shared commercial and residential spaces that appeal to consumers across the board.

As always, we’re excited to be on the cutting edge of real estate trends and excited to see what 2020 holds for CGI and our community of investors.

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