Making it Easy to Create Healthy Environments

Posted on March 26, 2019

What gives us the most pride as real estate developers of the multifamily and mixed-use sectors is the consistency with which we source deals that historically have provided above-average returns for our investor partners while making a significant positive difference in the lives of people who visit or reside in our properties. We afford two vastly different populations an experience of prosperity and “the good life.”

Here’s how we do it.

It begins with our construction and design plan. Why are building materials so important? Materials of inadequate quality can impact residents’ health by triggering asthma and breathing difficulties, thermal stress and can increase energy costs. When physical health is optimal and in balance, studies show that people are more open to chance opportunities and overall are more optimistic.

Once the building structure is in place interior design is the next vital component. Sleek simplicity, neutral tones, easy functionality and overall flow that parallels feng shui dominate our spaces. We want residents and guests to think about engaging with their neighbors and making use of the shared spaces, including the lounge and garden and state-of-the-art gym and spa. These are some of the amenities at our newest property bellow.

Arbor 18  is our newest property offering eight units for purchase. Residences are designed to complement the natural setting while offering details that contribute an urban edge. Amenities include:

The Arboretum The first-floor Arboretum level brings wellness, nature and thoughtful design into conversation with the zen garden, library, lounge and private dining room; which all entertain views of the Courtyard as a visual centerpiece.

The Observatory The rooftop relaxation and dining areas are screened by groves of birch trees that frame stunning views of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and the New York Harbor, inviting endless opportunities to engage with the outdoors.

The Sanctuary This indoor area offers a high- tech and high- touch approach to health. A state-of- the-art Fitness Center and Yoga Studio are complemented by the Meditation Room and infrared sauna, offering a comprehensive wellness experience.

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