Luxury Hotel Vibe Design Secrets

Posted on July 30, 2018

Home is not just where you hang your hat. Gone are the days of wishing and waiting for vacation. These days your home should be a portrayal of the life you want to experience right now. Our talented design team takes this into consideration when designing our residential hotel projects. The three design trends below have been hand-picked by our design team and, if executed right, are guaranteed to give off that travel vibe to everyone who steps into your home.

Tip #1: Invest in your Entryway

There are no second chances when it comes to first impressions – You only cross the threshold of your home once. Influential residential design begins with the lobby. Think about your favorite hotel experience – maybe tropical island or Parisian paradise – try to recall the lobby atmosphere. Under perfect curation, an entryway should elicit an involuntary sigh of relief. After a long day, there is nothing better than stepping through your own door to be greeted with a welcoming, comforting feeling.

To get this feeling consider beautiful, round accents, like an area rug or large table. A huge display of flowers is also a perfect way to disperse the stress of the day. If you are calmed by meditation, think about placing a Buddha statue and some incense in this area, similar to the photo above from our property, 888 Hilgard. Other accents to consider are lamps, artwork and seating.

Tip #2: Interior paint is bolder than you think

Bold tones are in right now, but before you slather a deep teal or regal purple on your walls, know this: most upscale design teams prefer neutral palettes. Try to find colors that work in harmony with each other, opting instead for loud accessories, over loud walls. Some of our favorites are pewter, decorator white, taupe and warm gray. Trends are constantly changing and it is much easier to replace throw blankets and accent pillows than it is to re-paint an entire living room.

In the above picture from our property, 888 Hilgard, the design team opted for glass and black metals with a light grey wall option, light wood floors and a decorator white ceiling. The resulting atmosphere is European chic.

Tip 3: Sleep like you’re on vacation with plush bedding

You can leverage an elegant look and feel by changing out, forgive the pun, tired sheets and comforters for a hotel quality duvet cover and pillow shams. Opt for all white or light grey linen and be sure to choose linens embroidered with a solid one-color stripe, if any at all. If your sheets are a certain color, make sure the stripe matches. As a final touch, add a couple of throw pillows that tie in the room’s palette with your striped bedding. As in the photo above from our Villa Carlotta property, consider creating a tray of refreshments, like nuts and bottled water, as a warm welcome home after a long day. When choosing a duvet, always go for down filler, which adds fluff to your mattress, and, if possible, couple it with a down mattress topper for fluff that goes above and under.

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