La Brea Update: What’s Happening Now

Posted on September 25, 2019

La Brea

While still a work in progress, the La Brea area is showing signs of momentum in its revival plan.

CGI Strategies is pleased to announce that our La Brea Project has been approved by the city council, with a vote of 28-1, thus signaling the start of our contribution to the neighborhood’s evolution. We are thrilled to partner with the community on this momentous project.

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is on pace to see the completion of their highly anticipated project later this year. And now, all eyes shift to the La Brea Tar Pits renovation. Several options have been presented and the adjacent Art Museum wait in anticipation of the impending construction phase of the project.

The new Tar Pits will breathe life into all La Brea projects. In this digital age of 3D and high-tech innovations being among the most desired, the La Brea Tarpits will capitalize on that trend and provide a cohesiveness that connects it to the neighborhood.

Nearby LACMA has updated its restructuring plans to include connecting sidewalks to the Tar Pits, which will help bring the whole area together.

We are confident that the area will continue upon this momentum and reach its goal of achieving a thriving, cohesive, must-visit destination once envisioned by A.W. Ross.

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