Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Posted on July 1, 2019

Investing in Multifamily Real Estate

Why are people that are investing in real estate so happy?  Throughout the course of history, real estate has outperformed other investment strategies on a consistent basis – that’s nothing new.  But with 87% of wealth managers saying that their clients plan to keep investing in real estate, why are they staying in?

People who invest in real estate….

  1. Get income, not just an asset.  Not only is their investment growing in value, but those investing in commercial and multifamily properties are earning profits monthly as tenants pay their rent. They also own an investment secured by physical property and land.
  2. Have control  Investing in real estate is a tangible investment that they can modify and manipulate to earn even more. They have a say in what happens and can drive by to check on it.
  3. Get perks.  With regulations and laws around the world being revised in favor of multifamily developments, even more earning potential exists with their investment.  Low interest rates also sweeten the deal.
  4. Know that 80% of millionaires attribute their wealth in some way to real estate investment.  That’s a statistic that speaks volumes.
  5. Understand that no other investment allows you the ability to finance your investment and have other people pay it off while they make a profit.
  6. Make a Difference. Multifamily real estate, when created by conscious and aware developers can offer a class and style of living above the rest. And those who invest in those developments with those partners make dreams come true for millions of others.

It’s easy to see why those investing in real estate aren’t going to stop anytime soon.

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