Introducing CGI Affiliate Company: CGI Entitlement and Construction Management

Posted on April 13, 2020

CGI Entitlement Meeting

It’s not everyday we see a culmination of talent, ingenuity, passion and leadership – and rarely on a construction site. The technical genius of Mario Lopez, VP of Developments for CGI, and the design brilliance of Gidi Cohen, CGI’s CEO, have created exactly that.

Introducing CGI Entitlement and Construction Management (CGI | ECM)

CGI’s newest affiliate company offers a solution to investors and developers who want to avoid the headache involved in the construction and development process and who want to enjoy the profits of a well-done project. We all know that one small mistake in the planning phase or on-site can cost millions. We’ve purchased deals from banks where the previous developer lost everything – completely bankrupted – because a small calculation was misjudged and then repeated unit after unit. According to the FMI Construction Outlook, 90% of all global infrastructure projects are either over-budget or delayed. In an industry where most developers exist in between fiduciary duty to investors/lenders and rely on rent-paying tenants for returns, there is little wiggle room for costly mistakes.

Investors and developers can focus on acquisition and project design inspiration, rather than on managing a construction crew and navigating the tricky waters of city government and politics. They can enjoy the results of happy investors and high-end, ready-for-market products. They will experience on-time and on-budget completions when they choose to work with CGI | ECM. Up until now only CGI and investor partners have benefitted from the layers of creativity, years of relationships with City regulators, ingenuity, leadership, years of experience, and millions of dollars in profit. But now these benefits can be enjoyed by many.

Truth is, not every investor or developer really enjoys the design, entitlement and construction process. It can be a headache for some, causing unnecessary stress and health problems, and leading to loss in profits and revenue. The process can now be subbed out to CGI | ECM.

For investors who are in a situation where selling at a discount seems like the most favorable plan, or for those developers who have to choose entitlement and construction over acquisitions or anything else you would rather be doing, please reach out below and start a conversation. It might be the beginning of a beautiful relationship that serves you, your financial partners and your tenants for years to come.

To learn more, call CGI Entitlements and Construction Management at 213.660.4591, visit or email Mario Lopez at

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