How do our Founders spend the Holidays?

Posted on December 2, 2017

How do our dedicated Founders celebrate the Holidays?

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Adrian Goldstein

Adrian enjoys his holiday time skiing in Mammoth. Few know that he has been skiing since he was 15 and is pretty good at it. In his peak he enjoyed challenging runs, black diamonds and moguls. However, these days he says he’ll stick to the well groomed, relaxing hills.

He also loves cooking and enjoys spending time serving his family in the kitchen. He has been known to bake fresh bread using his own signature natural yeast, which he has grown over several days in his kitchen. He likes all kinds of cooking – meat, fish and vegetables. His favorite part is taking time to arrange and prepare a nice meal and then laying out a nice spread for the kids and family, as he says. “It’s a great time to be close and to spend time together at home, rather than in a restaurant.”


Gidi Cohen

Gidi enjoys his friends and family the most during the holidays. This is a very special time for the Cohen family, as they immerse in Hanukkah traditions while also enjoying the lights and community festivities of Christmas. Gidi, his wife Noga and each of the four kids get their own menorah and set them up on a table full of menorahs, candles and lots of light. Each day they come together to light the candles, say their prayers and be together.

Gidi’s family loves the holiday lights, celebrations and they are always excited about traffic-free roads. Christmas Day driving in LA is a dream. You can see so much in just a few short hours. Gidi and Noga have a made a home in Ojai, while their origin family is all overseas. They have established timeless traditions with close family friends and really enjoy getting together with great friends, eating delicious food, watching movies and just being together for a few days.

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