Future: Walkable Los Angeles

Posted on February 27, 2020
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When you think about the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it seems undeniably devoid of the glamour and prestige the word “Hollywood” implies.

In fact, major walkways all over the world – from Las Vegas to Paris, New York and beyond are far more glamorous. 

That’s why Mitch O’Farrell proposed a 90-page outline to revamp the Walk of Fame in January of this year.

What would it mean?

On the plus side, it would mean 25 feet plus on each side of the street.  Creating the ability to create outdoor attractions, landscaping, walkways, and outdoor seating and eating like never before.

It would, however, mean losing a lane on each side of the boulevard and the parking lane.  To many, this is unacceptable. They say it would increase congestion and escalate commutes.

What we do know is that it would create a more livable area.  There would be a protected scooter and bike lane – encouraging eco-friendly travel options.  The safety of the area could be dramatically improved by access.

We’re currently seeing this concept play out in the La Brea area, an area that we currently have our flagship La Brea project.  It will encourage alternate forms of transportation and create more community areas – making the entire area more livable and improve overall sustainability.  

We think investing in smart and eco-friendly options makes sense for communities and the future.

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