Diversity in Real Estate

Posted on October 13, 2020


At its core, diversity simply means “a range of different things”.
And honestly – that’s just smart business advice, isn’t it? If you’re pulling your business ideas and information from the same type of people, your business isn’t going to be a cutting-edge one. Your team could miss out on some life-altering perspectives and aren’t going to come up with the best ideas.

Albert Einstein once said, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. A workplace without diversity is very much the same. You can’t expect different results without a great roster of people with diverse backgrounds to pull ideas from.

Traditionally, real estate has been a male-dominated industry, especially in key management positions. Although efforts have been made to develop a more inclusive environment, there is still a gap that needs filling. At CGI, we are committed to filling that gap. We understand strong women in the workplace tend to bring up everyone around them.
When people from different backgrounds share a workspace and – this is key – when everyone feels welcome, innovative ideas flow more freely, and people are willing to take a little more risk to land the next big development. It also attracts potential new hires with mentorship opportunities already in house.

It’s these different ideas and perspectives that can make a company soar or succumb in these difficult times. A culture of diversity isn’t just about making your company look good- it’s about staying current with new ideas and innovations.

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