Our Values Guide Our Investments

Since 2013, CGI+ has been defining its purpose and striving to create a corporate mission statement that would guide the actions of everyone in our organization.

Our goals, our beliefs and principles are the foundation of the work we do every day on behalf of our brand.

Mission Statement

CGI+ is driven by a genuine passion to enrich lives, build thoughtful communities, and strategically grow portfolios of enduring value while specializing in developing and acquiring multifamily real estate of exceptional quality.

Vision Statement

Through a deeply instilled ethic of building and attention to detail at every point, CGI+ strives to successfully fuse development, lifestyle and meaningful returns into every investment strategy.

The Values That Define Us

Ethics | Diligence | Prosperity | Purpose | Quality | Experience |Relationships

Our core values at CGI+ are deeply rooted principles, which serve to embody everyone that is part of our brand. These Core values are our moral compass and define our culture and our character. It is through a defined set of values that we’ve built teams and partnerships in an uncompromising fashion.

  • We conduct business consistent with the highest ethical standards and focus on elevated company culture.
  • Sound diligence and financial planning is required in an industry known for its complexity.
  • We expect to achieve a fair and reasonable profit to ensure prosperity and to offer long-term benefit to our investors, residents, employees and partnerships.
  • Purpose is the foundation of what we believe in and how we communicate and engage.
  • Quality is essential to our success and our commitment is uncompromising.
  • Our team’s cumulative experience and passion determines our outcomes and generate meaningful returns.
  • We are committed to long lasting relationships and integrity filled partnerships.

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